Perinatal Problem Identification Program

During the period 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2013, 1,412,355 births and 32,662 stillbirths and 14,576 early neonatal deaths were recorded on the national Perinatal Problem Identification Programme (PPIP) database from 588 PPIP sites. If you are involved in perinatal health care, you can become part of this national effort to improve the care that our mothers and babies receive – or you can simply use PPIP to assist you in your own institution’s perinatal and maternal health care audit.

Version 3

The third version of PPIP was made available for use on 24 September 2013. This new version significantly extends the database, as well as the analysis procedures provided by PPIP. Data files created with PPIP v2 can simply be imported to the new version, to ensure no information is lost.


PPIP was developed by Johan Coetzee. Technical support is provided to registered users via email, while extensive logistic and training support is provided by the Medical Research Council Unit for Maternal and Infant Health Care Strategies. The Contact page lists all the relevant contact detail.

PPIP Saving babies reports

Eight ‘Saving Babies’ reports, based on PPIP data supplied from across South Africa, have been published to date.

The reports are available for download here.

38th Conference on Priorities in Perinatal Care – 12-15 March 2019
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