How do I register PPIP?

When you apply for a licence to use PPIP, you will be supplied with a user name (which you choose when applying) as well as a 16-character licence code. The code will consist of 16 upper case letters in four groups, separated by dashes. (E.g.. AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD)

Both the user name and licence code should be entered in PPIP. Select Help on the Main menu, then click on Enter PPIP licence detail. Enter the licence detail exactly as supplied – both entry fields are case sensitive, and no additional spaces should be entered. When you close this window, a confirmation will be displayed if you managed to enter the licence detail correctly. Close and reopen PPIP.

The most common reason for failure of this procedure is incorrect entry of the licence detail! Should an error message be displayed after you have entered the user name and licence code, please try again while taking great care to enter both fields correctly. If you are still unsuccessful, please contact Simply Software.