What is the “Data analysis setup bar”, and how do I use it?

When you open the ‘Analyse Data’ shortcut tab, this bar is also displayed to select the data you want to include in your analysis.  You have to select a Data Pyramid first of all, and then indicate which Data Set in this Data Pyramid you want to look at. A drop list below the Data Set you selected allows you to select whether you want to use only the selected Data Set, or include all Data Sets below it in your Data Pyramid. You can also set up dates to include in your analysis, and choose whether you want to use ‘detailed perinatal death data’ (i.e. PPIP look at individual perinatal deaths for which you have entered detailed data when doing its calculations), or ‘total monthly data’ (i.e. PPIP uses only total numbers of deaths as entered with the monthly deliveries).

All data analysis functions you now open will use these settings. You can change any selection on the Data analysis setup bar at any time, but data analysis functions already open will not change. If you want to repeat open data analyses, using your new settings, you can either repeat all analyses (use the Redo all button), or only the analysis currently visible (use the Redo top button). You can also open a second copy of a specific data analysis function, using new settings. This enables you, for instance, to compare data for different time periods.