PPIP Downloads

Installation files

This page contains links to files you can download to install PPIP v3 on your computer.

PPIP v3.0.4 Installation file

This is a single file which will install PPIP v3.0.4 on your computer. Download the file SetupPPIP3.0.4.exe to your computer, and then run it. The installation procedure does not ask you any technical questions, but will simply install the required files to your computer.

(Note that you can also download a compressed (zip) version of the file. You will then be required to extract the setup file from this compressed file before running it.)

PPIP v2 users must please note that PPIP v3 will require you to apply for a new licence. You will again be granted a six week demo period during which you can apply for and enter the new licence. Go to the licence page to apply for a new licence.

File for download: SetupPPIP3.0.4.exe (or download a zipped version)

File size: 4Mb

Some of the codes used by PPIPv3 have been changed. When you import v2 data, PPIP will take care of this, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you should start using the new code lists when you start using PPIP v3 to ensure that the codes you enter in PPIP v3 refer to the correct causes of death and avoidable factors! PPIP can print the new code lists, or you can download the lists below.

Data sheets and Code lists

Data sheets:

Code lists:

Helpful third party software

The software to which these links lead are owned and provided for download by the respective companies as identified on the web pages. These links are provided for your ease only – Simply Software has no connection or agreement with these companies.

  • Adobe® Reader – Use this to read Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Available from the Adobe site.
  • WinZip Zip file utility. Evaluation version available from the WinZip site.