Version History

7 September 2014 – (3.0.4)

  • Bug fix: The date of the last backup was stored incorrectly. PPIP would therefore continue to remind you about backups, even if a backup was done.
  • New feature: The lists displaying Monthly Delivery Data, Detailed Perinatal Death Data and Maternal Death Data can now be sorted in reverse (descending) order. This places the most recent records (which you are most likely looking for!) at the top of the list. PPIP will also remember the last sort method and sort order you used, and will display the lists in the same way when you open it again. (This behaviour can be changed in the “User Settings” window.).
  • Bug fix: The list of Maternal Deaths sometimes did not display a scroll bar.
  • New feature: The “Avoidable Factors” data filter on the Obstetric causes of death, Final causes of death & Maternal Obstetric condition data analysis windows was improved to allow you to filter for “Any avoidable factor identified”. You can use this with the “Probable cause”, “Possible cause” or “Both grades” section of this filter to include deaths where any Avoidable Factor of the selected grade was identified.
  • New feature: On the “Perinatal Death” & “Maternal Death” data entry forms PPIP will now show you the description of all codes (i.e. Primary cause of death, Final cause of death, Maternal Obstetric condition and Avoidable Factors) as tooltips when you hover the mouse on the code entry fields.
  • Bug fix: The Custom Report function did not write “Possible grade” and “Both grades” Avoidable factor tables to the report, even if populated correctly on a custom report. (“Probable grade” Avoidable factors were managed correctly.) This now works correctly. You are also now allowed to include more than one Avoidable Factors table with different grading of Avoidable Factors in your custom reports.
2 April 2014 – (3.0.3)

  • Bug fix: The list of Data Pyramids on the ‘Data Pyramid Setup’ window displayed only 4 pyramids and didn’t scroll to access further Data Pyramids. This was fixed.
  • Bug fix: Function of the check boxes and drop list to filter available Data Sets on the ‘Data Pyramid Setup’ window was restored.
27 February 2014 – (3.0.2)

  • Improvement: ‘Sort order’ buttons replaced by ‘Sort order’ drop lists on ‘List Perinatal Deaths’ and ‘List Maternal Deaths’ windows. This makes it easier to see the currently selected sort order when these windows open.
  • New feature: ‘Perinatal care indicator trends’ data analysis window now shows the mean value of the indicator being viewed for the selected time period as a blue line.
  • New feature: you can now export a complete data pyramid with the pyramid structure included in the exported file. When another user imports this data, this user can import the data only, or can choose to import the data as well as the complete data pyramid structure.
  • Bug fixes. (The most important is a potential problem where the import wizard would not list all Data Sets in the exported file.)
21 October 2013 – (3.0.1)

  • Corrected: Issue with reading data for analysis from the Data Pyramid
  • New feature: Added a check box to display all Data Sets (irrespective of population served) on the Pyramid Setup Window
  • Corrected: Minor cosmetic issues
24 September 2013 – (3.0.0)

  • Release of PPIP v3. For more information please see the FAQ.
21 June 2008 – (2.2.3)

  • Corrected: ARV use data was not included in exported data.
15 June 2008 – (2.2.2)

  • New feature: A new data filter was added to the ‘Primary obstetric cause of Perinatal death’, ‘Final cause of Neonatal death’ and ‘List avoidable factors’ data analysis windows. If a filter is set up to include early neonatal deaths, you can now include selected days (0 to 7) only.
  • Corrected: Assisted deliveries data imported from version 1 was not applied correctly when these imported records were edited in version 2.
  • Corrected: Assisted deliveries data imported from version 1 was not included in Excel data export.
11 November 2006 – (2.2.1)

  • Changed: The anti-retroviral drug use data function is not a separate module any more, but a normal part of PPIP.
  • Updated: An updated code list (version 2.03) is supplied with this upgrade.
12 August 2006 – (2.2.0)

  • New data field: The anti-retroviral therapy module was expanded to keep track of the number of neonates receiving medication for PMTCT. This adds a field to theMonthly data data entry window, as well as a new analysis on the Antiretroviral therapy tab of theMiscellaneous -> Other data analysis function.
  • Corrected: Display of the HIV and Antiretroviral analyses. Previously, specific user settings would result in these figures not being displayed.
  • Corrected: A field was added for ‘Delivered in transit’ on the printed Perinatal death data sheet.
  • Corrected: A few typo’s.
13 September 2005 – (2.1.01)

  • Corrected: Import of v2 data: handling of selected dates import.
  • Corrected: Export data: Last imported data set’s name was sometimes added to the list of exported data sets.
31 October 2004  –  (2.1.00)

  • New function: Anti-retroviral therapy module. Use theProgram settings (Optional modules tab) to enable the module. This adds data fields to the Monthly data andPerinatal death data entry windows, additional data filters to the Primary and Final causes of Perinatal Death data analysis functions, as well as a new analysis tab to the Miscellaneous -> Other data analysis function.
  • Updated: PPIP will now inform you about duplicate perinatal and maternal death entries immediately after entering the ID number.
  • Updated: Margins on some reports changed.
  • Corrected: A few spelling mistakes.
5 June 2004  –  (2.00.03)

  • Corrected: Complete font change to correct display of data analysis screens with certain versions of Windows.
  • Corrected: Calculation of ‘Total deliveries’ with four or more levels in the data pyramid.
  • Corrected: ‘Compare units’ listed lower level data sets incorrectly under certain circumstances.
  • Updated: Improved the management of inconsistent Monthly data (more deaths than births reported in a weight category during a month) in ‘Compare units’ data analysis.
  • Corrected: Definition of ‘Fetal death rate’ as displayed on ‘Information of calculation of rates & ratios’ window.
19 May 2004  –  (2.00.02)

  • Corrected: The ‘Total data’ printout used the default inclusion settings incorrectly.

  • Corrected: Percentages of numbers delivered in different weight categories (‘Total deliveries’ data analysis) were not rounded correctly.

  • Corrected: Font colours in ‘Perinatal, Neonatal & Fetal mortality rates’ data analysis. The first two columns (Perinatal & Neonatal mortality rate) and the denominators in other columns used the font colour chosen in Windows setup as active Title Bar font colour. Depending on the user’s setup, this sometimes made these values difficult to read. Changed all fonts to black.

  • Corrected: An error message was displayed when saving updated ‘Monthly data’. When the ‘Select the month to edit / delete’ window was opened and a month was selected for editing, this was allowed only once. If a second month was selected for editing, and the user attempted to save the changes, an error message was displayed.

  • Updated: All bar graphs’ Y-axis labels were updated to always display multiples of ten.

29 February 2004  –  (2.00.01)

  • Release of PPIP v2.

Bug reporting

Are you aware of bugs in the current version of PPIP? Please send us an email with a description of the problem. Thank you!